Sarcastic book snob who is addicted to reading contemporary romance, young and new adult, erotic and mildly dark romance. I will also read paranormal romance but has to be light on the paranormal.

I got back into reading when I picked up Charlene Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series. I will admit that I didn’t read the last 2 books in this series because I saw that they weren’t going to end how I wanted. After reading this series I went on to reading the Sookie Stackhouse fanfiction. From there I went on to reading Fifty Shades of Grey and have been hooked on reading since.

I’m also a TV nut. Let me just say that my DVR get one hell of a workout on the regular. I’ll even admit to sneaking Netflix while at work shh just don’t tell anyone. If you find a really good TV series please don’t hesitate to share with me.

If you would like me to review a book please check out the review request tab for how to get your book submitted.

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