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Release Blitz~ MASON by Lisa Helen Gray

We are excited to be part of the Release Blitz for book 2 in the Carter Brothers Series by Lisa Helen Gray, MASON
I’m Denny Smith.
I moved away to my Nan’s house after my parents happily kicked me out.
Why, you ask? Because I ruined my future, so they say.

If you ask me, I was a naive seventeen year-old girl who chose to sleep with the boy she had loved from afar for years, only for him to want nothing to do with me in return.

So here I am, back at the one place I had hoped to never return, where I’ll attend court as a witness.

Now I have to face him…Mason.
There’s no other way around it.
He can’t know my secret…but he will.
When I returned, I expected him to have moved on with at least a million and one other girls, to have forgotten the naive school girl with a crush that followed him around like a lost puppy, but I was wrong.

What I got when I arrived was five brothers, a Granddad, a pushy Grandma, and a best friend who would stop at nothing to make me stay.

But only one of them has the power to make me stay…Mason.
After everything, can I truly trust him again or will he continue to break my heart?
If you mess with one Carter brother, you mess with them all

Kim’s Review

This is the 2nd book in the Carter Brothers Series and should be read in order.
Denny Smith’s one night with Mason couldn’t have gone worse. Things between the two of them have changed and now Denny is keeping a secret not only from Mason but all her friends too.  The thing about secrets are they never stay that way.  When Denny’s secret finally comes out will it bring Mason and back together or will it tear them further apart?
I was given this in exchange for an honest review.
Denny is used to being none existent to her parents and only can rely on her brother and best friend Harlow.  She’s had to become independent and strong to deal with how her mother treats her.  Having her Nan, Harlow, Harlow’s Grandma and the Carter Brothers around kept her from feeling lonely.  Denny is a girl who goes after what she wants and she’s wanted Mason for years, so when she got the chance to have just one night with him she didn’t have to think twice.  She’ll remember that night and his reaction for the rest of her life.
Mason had a hard childhood.  His drug addicted mother took off leaving his alcoholic father to raise him and his four other brothers.  Things got better when they went to live with their granddad but what happen to him when he lived with his father has long lasting affect that has him running scared when Denny takes root in his life.  Mason wants her but feeling like he’s not good for her he does what he thinks is best and pushes her away.
Lisa started this series with a bang when we got to meet all the Carter Brother’s in Malik and Harlow’s story but if you think you know what’s life was life for any of them you’re sadly mistake.  Mason is one of the guys you know is a player but there is just something about him you can help but want.  Denny fell for his charms but more than that she fell for the man.  The attraction between these two is one that no one can resist.  They both know they want each other but they are hiding their feelings from each.  Every time Denny is around Mason goes on the defensive and you just want to reach into the book and slap him upside the head.  Denny is equally frustrating by keeping a secret that will come out and end up hurting both of them even more.  The push/pull between these two is what draws you in cause you want them to get together but at the same time you think both of them need to smarten up and see what’s in front of them.  Lisa sweeten the story by having a visit from a couple of character from the Forgotten Series.  How they interact with Denny and Mason has to be my favorite part aside from the ending which I can’t give away.
Each time Lisa releases a new book it becomes my new favourite.  With the Carter Brother Series each  book gives us a little more insight into the abuse they suffered in childhood, as well as how each character lives can change for the better.  Lisa has created an amazing group of character that you can’t help but become emotionally invested in, and wishing you could be part of there family. I can truly say that Lisa Helen Gray never disappoints me and she’s an awesome author! I’m impatiently wait for Myles to come out now!




Malik Book One in The Carter Brothers Series
Mason Book Two in The Carter Brother Series
Myles Book Three in The Carter Brothers Series
Max Book Four in The Carter Brothers Series
Maverick Book Five in The Carter Brothers Series
Better left forgotten Book One in The Forgotten Series: AMAZON UKAMAZON US
Obsession Book Two in The Forgotten Series : AMAZON UKAMAZON US
Forgiven Book Three in The Forgotten Series : AMAZON UK / AMAZON US 
If I Could I’d Wish It All Away:  AMAZON UK / AMAZON US
Lisa Helen Gray (1987) born in Birmingham. All Lisa has ever wanted to do in life, apart from be a mother, is to read and write, and at a certain age she wanted to be a princess.We can all dream, right?

Serious note though, she has been a passionate reader ever since her Nan first handed her The Three Gollywogs by Enid Blyton. After that, she lived in a land of fantasy. 
First came Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then Angel, and it went on to Twilight and The Hunger Games. Some would say she is a daydreamer, but she is just a firm believer that there is a happily ever after. Hence, her huge love of romance novels.
She got into reviewing other author’s novels, and then decided to publish her own work. Bringing us to her first novel, If I could I’d wish it all away (2014). 
She always has her head stuck in a romance novel and is often (too often) reminded of this. When she hasn’t got her head stuck in a book or writing her next novel, she is glued to the TV series Pretty Little Liars, walking dead, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries and of course, Veronica Mars. Just an ordinary girl surround by extraordinary books




Book Review~ Obsession by Debra Webb

Obsession (Faces of Evil, #1)


Obsession by Debra Webb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Buy: Amazon


Book Cover Synopsis

She thought she’d left the murders—and his obsession—behind . . .

Special Agent Jess Harris has spent more than a decade studying the many faces of evil. In her determination to stop a serial killer, she broke the rules, and it cost her everything. With her career in need of resuscitation and her love life dead and buried, Jess jumps at a chance to advise on a case that has the top detectives of Birmingham, Alabama, stumped. But the case forces her to confront all the reasons she put her hometown—and her first love—in her rearview mirror.

Four young women have gone missing, and Police Chief Dan Burnett will do anything to find them before it’s too late—even if it means asking for help from the woman who has spent a decade avoiding him. Jess agrees to lend a hand and welcomes the diversion of a new case, a new life to save to make up for the victims she’s lost. But then the unthinkable happens: the crazed serial killer from her past follows Jess to Birmingham. The situation is becoming increasingly desperate—and time is swiftly running out…

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Cover Reveal~ HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL? by Carissa Ann Lynch

Author: Carissa Ann Lynch
Series: Flocksdale Files #1
Wendi Wise is a troubled young woman who snorts her breakfast through a straw and spends more time in rehab than in the real world… 
Her life is seemingly out of control.
But now she has a plan.
That plan involves a sharp set of butcher knives.
She’s going back to where all of her troubles began…
Wendi was lured away from a local skating rink, at the age of thirteen, and held captive in a place she calls ‘The House of Horrors.’ Dumped off blindfolded on the side of a dirt road, Wendi soon discovered that she was addicted to the drugs they fed her while she was captive.
Too scared to go home, and having a new habit to deal with, she hopped on a bus, vanishing from the family she loved.
Vanishing from Flocksdale…
The town of Flocksdale is littered with fliers with a grainy image of young Wendi, and the words ‘Have You Seen This Girl?’ written below.
Now, eight years later, she’s on a mission—a mission to find the mysterious house from her youth and the monsters who dwell inside it.
“This is the end, beautiful friend, the end…”
Besides my family, my greatest love in life is books. Reading them, writing them, holding them, smelling them…well, you get the idea. I’ve always loved to read, and some of my earliest childhood memories are me, tucked away in my room, lost in a good book. I received a five dollar allowance each week, and I always — always — spent it on books. My love affair with writing started early, but it mostly involved journaling and writing silly poems. Several years ago, I didn’t have a book to read so I decided on a whim to write my own story, something I’d like to read. It turned out to be harder than I thought, but from that point on I was hooked. My first and second books were released by Sarah Book Publishing: This Is Not About Love and Grayson’s Ridge. I’m a total genre-hopper. Basically, I like to write what I like to read: a little bit of everything! I reside in Floyds Knobs, Indiana with my husband, three children, and massive collection of books. I have a degree in psychology and worked as a counselor.
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Cover Reveal~ Spellbound: Laid Bare (Laid Bare Volume #3) by SR Grey

Spellbound: Laid Bare (Laid Bare Volume #3) 
Author: S.R. Grey 

Release date: Early September 2015 

Genre: Erotic Romance | Paranormal Romance 

With Dahlia ensnared in the clutches of Lucien’s sinister cousin, it would seem Selene’s evil plan to make Dahlia despise Lucien has been effective.
Will Selene sever their bond forever?
Not if Lucien has anything to say about it.
But when the powerful Mr. Chambers swoops in to rescue his young love, he soon discovers there’s more to Dahlia’s connection to him than he ever imagined.
Can Dahlia be saved? And if so, should Lucien save her? To do so may mean disaster.
Volume 3 of the Laid Bare novella series 
Erotic Romance/Paranormal Romance 
September 2015 


– One-Click the LAID BARE SERIES –
S.R. Grey is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling author and a Barnes & Noble #1 Bestselling author. She is the author of the popular Judge Me Not series, the Inevitability duology, A Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy, and the new Laid Bare series of novellas. Ms. Grey’s novels have appeared on Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists in multiple categories, including #1 on the Barnes & Noble Nook Bestsellers list last year.

New novels slated for 2015 release dates are a New Adult novel this fall, title to be revealed this summer, plus more Laid Bare series novellas.

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Release Blitz~ Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino


From the USA TODAY bestselling author of Sweet Thing and Nowhere But Here comes a love story about a Craigslist “missed connection” post that gives two people a second chance at love fifteen years after they were separated in New York City.

BWWSfinalcoverTo the Green-eyed Lovebird:

We met fifteen years ago, almost to the day, when I moved my stuff into the NYU dorm room next to yours at Senior House.

You called us fast friends. I like to think it was more.

We lived on nothing but the excitement of finding ourselves through music (you were obsessed with Jeff Buckley), photography (I couldn’t stop taking pictures of you), hanging out in Washington Square Park, and all the weird things we did to make money. I learned more about myself that year than any other.

Yet, somehow, it all fell apart. We lost touch the summer after graduation when I went to South America to work for National Geographic. When I came back, you were gone. A part of me still wonders if I pushed you too hard after the wedding…

I didn’t see you again until a month ago. It was a Wednesday. You were rocking back on your heels, balancing on that thick yellow line that runs along the subway platform, waiting for the F train. I didn’t know it was you until it was too late, and then you were gone. Again. You said my name; I saw it on your lips. I tried to will the train to stop, just so I could say hello.

After seeing you, all of the youthful feelings and memories came flooding back to me, and now I’ve spent the better part of a month wondering what your life is like. I might be totally out of my mind, but would you like to get a drink with me and catch up on the last decade and a half?


Missed Connections Link







Renée Carlino is a screenwriter and bestselling author of romantic women’s novels. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and their sweet dog June. When she’s not at the beach with her boys or
working on her next project, she likes to spend her time reading, going to
concerts, and eating dark chocolate.

Release Blitz~ I Need You Here by Cynthia P. O’Neill

Author: Cynthia P. O’Neill
Series: Need #3
Genre: Contemporary | Erotic Romance

Rafe Prescott controlled every aspect of his life from finalizing legal contracts for his family’s company to negotiating the next conquest at the sex club. After seeing the pain his brother in-law went through after losing his mate, he swore he’d never give his heart to anyone. He even scoffed at his brother for falling in love at first site, until he met her…

She’s unlike anyone he’s ever encountered, not bending easily to his alpha dominance or sexual persuasions. Everything about her enticed him with the need to make her his own, but she was hiding something, never divulging too much of her past.Dawn Jamieson lived life having to constantly be on alert. All she wanted was to be normal – to have her dream man and the perfect job. But could she handle both of these things being in different states? The day she left Orlando would be the day her heart connected with someone and the beginning of her own personal hell, making her question everything.

She knew he was a dominant, and she had always been curious about the BDSM lifestyle, reading every romance novel possible, but could she be what Rafe needed? In turn, would he be willing to risk everything, including his own life, to save her?

All he knew is that he loved her and needed her Here!

Note: This is a Complete Novel. No cliffhanger. Dual POV. Rated 18+ due to adult language and sexual content. This is an adult contemporary erotic romance filled with suspense and light elements of BDSM, Dom/sub play. This series centers around the Prescott family, their friends, and businesses. It includes computer hackers, unsavory characters, and corporate hijinks. These are stand alone books that create the series, but they do not need to be read in order. The story is more enhanced if read in order.





           The wine tasted heavenly.  I had moaned in appreciation of how smooth
and complex it tasted, with a hint of sweetness.  It seemed to warm me from the inside out and
helped me to relax.   

Rafes hand came up and
caressed the side of my face.  Bella, if you keep moaning like that we
wont be talking.
Id opened my eyes
fearing what hed meant.  I watched as he leaned closer, took my wine
glass, and set it down on the table.  He
was so close, the heat from his body warmed me. His caramel eyes pinned my gaze
and his lips hovered just over mine. I think Ill take a taste of this magnificent
wine.  Before I
could breathe, his lips were on mine, his teeth nipped at my bottom lip, his
tongue begged to dance with mine.  I
gasped, and his mouth devoured mine. One hand cupped the nape of my neck,
drawing me inexorably closer to him.
My body was on fire as Rafes
mouth passionately explored mine.  One of
his hands moved down to caress one of my breasts, teasing it to a hardened
point before showing the other the same attention.
We were both breathless.  His forehead rested against mine and his hand
caressed the side of my face.  I want you Dawn, more than Ive ever wanted anyone.  Ive been lost not
being able to talk to you.  He drew one of my hands to the obvious
bulge in his pants to show just how affected he was. I need you, to be
inside you, feel you, and become one with you, mia bella angelo.  Please let me have tonight with you, my
beautiful angel. After well talk about the
possibilities tomorrow may bring.
His voice deepened seductively as he painted the
picture Id longed to have with someone I truly
cared about.  The night before I left Atlanta,
Liam had given me a dire warning.  Ill have my eyes on
you Dawn.  You are to go to the wedding,
and that
s it.
You talk to that man and you
ll be sorry.
My heart and body overcame any reservations, and
loosened the knot on his tie. My voice trembled, I need this too,
Rafe.  I dont
know if well have tomorrow, but I need you.  I want to feel what its
like to be with you.  I inched closer to him, nearly
climbing onto his lap. I pressed my lips firmly to his, strong desire coursing
through me.
His embrace unyielding, he laid me back on the sofa.
He hovered over me and snatched the tie from my clumsy fingers.  Youre mine, now.  Please say youll surrender to me
and let me show you just how good we can be together.
My mind emptied as my body heated and tingled with
every caress of his hands.  Okay.  I breathed.
Id managed to get the
word out of my mouth, then felt one of his legs shift between mine, grinding
his cock against my center, its rigid length
pressed against my inner thigh.  I became
aware of nothing except Rafe pressed firmly against mine. My body was his to
control, and I was not afraidI reveled in his
power.  Was this what Marissa meant by
the joy of submitting, letting go of everything and just feeling the moment?
He lifted away from me, leaving me panting and
breathless for more.  Im not done with you
yet, bella.  We havent even gotten started.  If we only have tonight, Im going to make it count.  He swooped
his arms under my body, lifting me off the couch.  It was only when I tried to put my arms
around his neck that I realized hed tied my wrists
I held up my wrists to him, eyes wide and questioning,
but his sensual smile and hooded eyes burned into mine, rendering me mute. I
felt like my panties would combust at any moment.
He laughed, holding me closer, and felt his shirt pull
tight across his muscled chest.  My God,
he was built like a tank.  Like I said, mi amore, I intend to make
tonight count.  I want to introduce you
to my world, show you what it could be like to be with me every day. I hope to
leave you spent and hungry for more. He cupped my pussy, I want you to feel me inside you, days
from now, and know that this is mine.
Every time you think of me, I want you wet and craving more.
Cynthia P. O’Neill grew up in small town in South Florida and moved to Central Florida to attend college. There, she married her friend, love, and soul mate and still resides with their amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little boy.
In her books, Cynthia draws on her background in healthcare and business, along with her husband’s engineering knowledge.
She currently writes on all levels of Romance. The Remembrance Series encompasses New Adult with a touch of Paranormal activity and a hint of Historical romance. A Learning Series is for those who like a little more steam with their books, falling into the categories of Contemporary – Erotica, with a hint of suspense.
Her latest series, Need, will have several books, each focusing on one couple per book. The main couple will then become supporting characters, while some of the background characters step forward to find their own happily ever after. It will be will be a Contemporary – Erotic romance with a high level of suspense added.
She tries to make her writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for her books, but her imagination takes them to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist.
To learn more about the author, please visit Cynthia’s website at:
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COVER REVEAL ~ Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras

Cover Reveal

papper hearts cover full

Mia and Jensen’s story continues in Paper Hearts releasing September 10th!

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papper hearts cover


I lost her.

No, I didn’t lose her. I threw her away.

She was my best friend.

I was never supposed to fall in love with her.

I was careless.

She was heartbroken.

I thought I was doing fine. But here she is, years later, forced to work with me, reminding me why I fell in love with her in the first place.

And this time I’m going to do everything in my power to never let her go.

torn hearts free

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Goodreads Link:

Author Information

claire contreras

Claire Contreras graduated with her BA in Psychology from Florida International University. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, two little boys, and three dogs.

Her favorite past times are: daydreaming, writing, and reading.

She has been described as a random, sarcastic, crazy girl with no filter.

Life is short, and it’s more bitter than sweet, so she tries to smile as often as her face allows. She enjoys stories with happy endings, because life is full of way too many unhappy ones.

Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Deal Alert~ Beautiful Lies: The Series by Kendall Ryan

Beautiful Lies: The Series
One sale now
for just $4.99 (FREE in KU!) Regular price will be $6.99.
Discover the romantic, erotic and suspenseful New York Times
and USA Today bestselling FILTHY BEAUTIFUL LIES series, which was named The
Next Fifty by Newsweek Magazine. This bundled set contains both Filthy
Beautiful Lies and Filthy Beautiful Love, the complete story of Colton and

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Author: Tessa Teevan
Series: Clandestine Affairs #2
The moment Rafe appeared on her doorstep, he was everything Brie Latham didn’t know she needed. Sexy. Mysterious. Provocative. The absolute opposite of her domineering ex. Like a white knight in the form of a rugged, handsome construction worker, he freed her from her cage, allowing her to spread her wings and find herself again. To find love again.
Just as she was ready to give in and finally admit her feelings for him, her past swooped back in, death and destruction in its path, causing her to question everything she knows.And everything she feels.

Was their relationship all just smoke and mirrors? Was she destined to repeat the vicious cycle with yet another manipulative man, only to crash and burn yet again?

Who is Rafe Matthews, and will Brie survive long enough to finally discover the truth?


While I hang my head, shame and remorse fill me. I promised to protect her. And what did I do? I let her down.

I should’ve known that it would end up like this. I should’ve seen it coming. Yet my mind was clouded as my days and nights—and, soon, my heart—were filled with her, and she was all I could see. I let my guard down, and this is where it got me. Where it got us.

I never got to tell her the truth.

I never got to tell her how I feel.

I will never forgive myself if I never get the chance.

And I will spend the rest of my days hunting the man who did this to her. When I find him, I will kill him.

Because for her? I’d do anything.

Book 1: INSTIGATION – ON SALE for 99¢!
Tessa Teevan
Tessa is a twenty something book junkie who loves creating books boyfriends as much as she loves reading them. Government worker by day, writer by night, she gets little sleep, but couldn’t imagine her life any less hectic. She lives just outside of Dayton, Ohio and has been married to her own book boyfriend for nine years.
If she’s not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find her curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. Her other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Stone Sour.
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Book Review~ TRUSSED (The MASTERED Saga #2) by K.L. Silver


TRUSSED by K.L. Silver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazon Buy Link:

Book Cover Synopsis

TRUSSED picks up the erotic reins right where MASTERED left them, then gallops straight off the ledge of mystery and suspense.
After an epic breach of BDSM protocol, MISSY WEAVER must earn back both her collar and James’ trust. Envisioning the hoops he will devise for her to jump through whets her submissive appetite – amongst other things. Born yin to his Yang, she is eager to meet – and exceed – every salacious challenge.
JAMES COLTON adores his ‘little one’. Miserable without her, he disregards time-honored BDSM precepts and forgives her her trespasses. The fact that he’s also to blame has no bearing on his deliciously deviant game plan. He puts Missy through her submissive paces, to the carnal delight of all concerned.
Yet, all is not as it appears. As the two lovers reconnect, a malevolent storm is brewing – patiently watching, waiting, and plotting its revenge. When Missy finds herself at the mercy of a madman, every minute counts.
Her shocking plight will have the hair on your neck standing at attention – in more ways than one!
The surprise ending will have you reaching for tissues and wanting for more!

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