Book Review~ Chains by T.H. Snyder

Chains by th Snyder


Chains by T.H. Snyder
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Book Cover Synopsis

This novella is a standalone and part of The Club series.

WARNING: The content in this book contains explicit sexual content. This book is intended for mature audiences only.

Jesika Maxwell, a fashion photographer, has never wanted for anything. She is a true sweet and beautiful southern belle who craves more out of life than her family can provide.

Looking for new adventures and experiences she accepts an invitation from a colleague. The moment she steps foot into The Club, her world immediately changes. Everything she once feared is now staring her in the face.

Connor Samson, a successful attorney, has the world within his grasp. He’s wealthy, talented, and desired by many. His wants and needs are satisfied, yet there is one thing…one person he yearns to have as his own.

Trying to live his life and forget about her, he blocks out all feelings and moves forward with a cold dominant heart. That is until a woman from his past walks into The Club and changes everything he’s ever known.

Will she be willing to accept him as he is and allow him to break down her walls?

Will he be willing to show her the world he knows and allow his heart to love?

Book cover Review

WOW Chains is one HELLVA HOT read!! HOME RUN Ms. Snyder HOME RUN!!

I finished this book last night and I’m STILL sweating from the hotness! DAMN!! The scenes and the sexual tension OMG!!

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Jesika is an insecure photographer who feels she isn’t worthy of Connor. Connor is an attorney who is into BDSM. He sees Jesika as everything that he’s ever wanted both in and out of the “bedroom”. 1 night they get what they both want but Jesika runs due to her insecurities.

However a year later by a crazy twist of fate they run into each other at The Club. Is this chance meeting just fate playing an evil trick on Jesika and Connor or is this fate’s way of saying they are meant to be together? My lips are sealed except to say if you’re looking for a quick HOT read with NO cliffhangers then read Chains!!

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