Book Review~ Longing For You (Never Too Late Series #1) by Mayra Statham


Longing For You by Mayra Statham


Longing For You by Mayra Statham
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They say first love is the strongest. Some even say it can last a lifetime. Scott Kostas and Jess Logan were one another’s first love. Young and naïve, they didn’t know what they had and let it go, creating separate lives.

Now, over thirty years later, an unexpected encounter brings Jess, Scott and old memories back together. Older and wiser, both are determined not to make the same mistake twice. For Scott that means showing Jess that he’s the man she can count on. For Jess? She’s determined not to let Scott break her heart a second time.

From the start they realize that the connection they once shared is still there and time has only made it stronger as they get to know the people that they have become after so many years apart. Love and passion refuses to stay buried in the past. Can love bring two souls back together despite life’s many obstacles? Will they finally get their own happily ever after?

A short story reminding us, no matter what, when it comes to love, it is never too late! 34k words.

Book cover Review

**I was given an ARC of Longing for you for an honest review**


Longing For you is the first book by Mayra Statham I have read and let me say I’M A FAN!!! I loved this book so much that I didn’t want it to end. There was so much emotion in this book that it sucked me in right from the very first sentence.

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Longing for you is the first book I’ve read where people have a second chance at being with their one true love after over 30 years have past.

Jess Logan is a divorced, independent mother of 2 who NEVER put her one true love behind her.

Scott Kostas is a divorced, take charge father of 2 daughters who also never put his one true love behind him.

Jess Logan and Scott Kostas were each other’s first love. However after college graduation they separated. Now over 30 years later their paths cross when Jess’s son Drew and Scott’s daughter Chloe get engaged and have a “meet the parents” lunch. Imagine the surprise when both Jess and Scott realize this. After meeting they realize that the same intense feelings from 30 years ago are still there. Will Scott and Jess get their second try at having an happily ever after or has too much time past?

This is a 2015 must read that is just perfect!

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