Review- Liberty Belle By MaXXX Cummings

Liberty Belle

Liberty Belle by MaXXX Cummings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Cover Synopsis
Liberty Bell is the story of Max Cummings from the beginning. Max meets a beautiful red head who has a secret…or ten. Things heat up beyond his wildest dreams, but he has a secret, too. Will it ruin his dream relationship or will he win in the end? Some desires never end, and some broken hearts never mend. Join Max as he’s faced with the toughest choice of his young clandestine spec ops career.

Do you ever wonder how the news becomes the news? More often than not, clandestine special operations are involved in many of the events you read, hear and watch on a daily basis. Unlike the SEAL TEAM 6 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abadabad, Pakistan, you’ll never know this 99.9% of the time because these shadow forces are so good at what they do…but every now and then… Get a look inside what really happens behind the scenes…in the shadows…

Liberty Bell is the first story of Max Cummings from the beginning of his U.S. Navy Special Operations career. Everyone knows Navy SEALS exist…they are the public heroes and heartthrobs of the military. This is a story about one of the guys no one knows exist…who gets the military intelligence that makes the SEALS rock stars. Everything he does is done the hard way…he’s a spy…a patriot…and an unsung hero you’ll never see being awarded medals for work most men would run from. His work is dangerous, covert, and if caught, his very existence is denied by the U.S. Government…he’s on his own.

This is the first in a series of 13 planned books…The Shadow Soldier Series. To understand what makes Max who he is on his way to becoming a commissioned ‘Shadow Soldier’, this is the critical read that sets the tone for all future Max Cummings series novels and short stories. Max meets a beautiful red head who has a secret…or ten. Things heat up beyond his wildest dreams, but he has a secret, too. Will it ruin his dream relationship or will he win in the end? Some desires never end, and some broken hearts never mend. Join Max as he’s faced with the toughest choice of his young clandestine spec ops career. *All books in the Shadow Soldier series are based on actual events…some of which made the news.

Book cover Review
First of all I want to start out by saying this book was hard as hell to review. There were things that I LOVED and there were things that I didn’t like so much. With that being said I’m giving my rating based on the story line.

If you’re looking for a quick hot read, with a HOTT man by the name of Maxwell A. Cummings in his Navy Class A’s, Belle a widow who goes out for a night on the town, then is the book to read. Liberty Belle will give you a little of everything from drama, suspense, a few good laughs to some extremely steamy scenes especially a scene that involves a hot tub.

“Ever fucked a mute girl”

“You’re like…a freak of nature, Fire Hose Freddie!”

I will warn you that there are a LOT of adjectives used throughout this book. At times they confused the hell out of me and I found myself having to re-read sections. I prefer authors to just give me the “hot stuff” straight without all the fluff.

Review- The Seduction 3 (The Seduction, #3) by Roxy Sloane

The Seduction 3 (The Seduction, #3)

The Seduction 3 by Roxy Sloane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Cover Synopsis

The explosive new series continues….

I thought he would protect me.
I believed his beautiful lies.
I wanted to give him everything – and I was willing to pay the price.

Now everything has changed.

He may be the Seducer, but I’ll be the one who takes the ultimate prize:

His heart.

Book cover Review

Holy Hell!! Roxy you are now just flat out evil with that ending!! I have said it before and I’ll say it again thank goodness book 4 is already out.

In Book 3 Keely and Vaughn head to New York so that Keely can find out more about her inheritance. While in New York Vaughn comes face to face with who hired him to seduce Keely and he discovers that his past could all have been one big lie.

Before reading this book I recommend you wrap your Kindle in bubble wrap because you will want to throw it.

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Review- The Seduction 2 (The Seduction, #2) by Roxy Sloane

The Seduction 2 (The Seduction, #2)


The Seduction 2 by Roxy Sloane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Cover Synopsis

Show me a woman who doesn’t like to be dominated, and I’ll show you a fucking liar.

It’s OK, you can admit it. I won’t tell. You want it rough and deep and dirty. You want to hear the steel in my voice when I tell you exactly how to please me. And you want to know, I won’t hesitate to punish you if you don’t follow my commands to the letter.

Yeah, that’s right. I’ll punish you, and I won’t go gentle either. I’ll bend you over and spank that sweet ass until it’s branded with my handprint. Until it hurts so good, you forget where the line is between pleasure and pain.

Who am I? The Seducer. And now I’m in way over my head.

I thought she was just a job to me, another girl to screw. But now she’s under my skin, and I can’t just walk away. My secrets are spiraling out of control, but I can’t quit now. She doesn’t realize the danger she’s facing — or that her biggest threat is me.

I want to protect her, but I could wind up destroying us both.

**Part two of a filthy, seductive new serial**

Book cover Review
Wow Roxy another get book in this series!! I LOVE how so far there is another little wrench thrown into the mix. Just when you think you have Vaughn and Keely figured out you will get another curve ball thrown at you. In this book you will find out why Ashcroft did what he did and why Vaughn reacted the way he did. With those answers we will also have A LOT more questions. Again I am so glad that i don’t have to wait for book 3, off to 1-click!

**warning alert** You very well may through your kindle.

Review- The Seduction 1 (The Seduction, #1) by Roxy Sloane

The Seduction 1 (The Seduction, #1)
The Seduction 1 by Roxy Sloane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Book Cover Synopsis

All women look the same on their knees with their lips wrapped around my cock.

You like to think you’re different, special somehow. But trust me, I’ll have you wet and begging for it before you can think of all those bullshit, good girl reasons why not.

I’m your darkest secret. Your dirtiest fantasy.

Who am I?

The Seducer.

And I’ve never lost a case.

Until her. Keely Fawes. My mysterious new target.

Someone wants to destroy her — and I’m their weapon of choice.

Her secrets could be my undoing. Her innocence will ruin me.

But I don’t care.

I’m going to show her how fucking good it feels to be bad. She’ll come screaming my name if it’s the last thing I do.

Book cover Review

All women look the same on their knees with their mouth wrapped around my cock.

With an opening line like this you know this is a steamy book. Vaughn a man who makes a living helping other men trap the women in their lives cheating. Keely a paralegal at a well know law firm working to save money to get into law school. How do these two paths cross your wondering. Well you’ll just have to read the book to find this out.

 photo giphy_zpsfd6c47f5.gif

I promise that you won’t be let down. Alpha, dirty talking sexy as hell male, you can’t go wrong.

Currently this book is being offered for free on Amazon

I will tell you that there is a HUGE cliffhanger but your in luck the other 3 books are already out.

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Review- Happenstance (Happenstance #1) by Jamie McGuire

Happenstance (Happenstance, #1)

Happenstance by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Cover Synopsis

Erin Easter, one of three Erins in the small senior class of rural Blackwell High School who not only share a first name, but also their birthday. Erin Easter, raised by a neglectful single mom, keeps to herself and admires Weston Gates from afar. The other Erins, Erin A. and Erin M. are the darlings of the community: daughters of the two wealthiest families in town, best friends, cheerleaders, and everything Erin Easter isn’t–and they never let her forget it. Erin A. has even claimed Weston since the 8th grade.

Weston is a well-liked star athlete, and the son of two prominent attorneys. He struggles daily with the pressures of living up to his family name and secretly empathizes with Erin Easter’s feeling that she belongs somewhere else; in a different life. Not until he begins sneaking nights out with Erin does he gain the courage to buck expectations and acknowledge his feelings … both for his future, and for her.

But when a shocking tragedy rocks the tiny town, Erin’s life is turned upside down in the best way possible. But when the truth is revealed and everything Erin thinks she wanted falls into her lap, life only becomes more complicated.

Happenstance cast

Book cover Review
WOW is all I can say about this book. When I started this book I wasn’t excepting all the emotions. But I LOVED, LOVED this book. I cried for Erin and cheered for Weston. I can not wait until the second book to find out how Erin deals with the new twist that was thrown at her. A word of advice..I wouldn’t recommend reading this book on a plane siting next to a complete stranger. I think I may have freaked out the gentleman sitting next to me with all my crying. 🙂 Another GREAT book Jamie McGuire!!!

Upcoming Release- Promised (The One Night Trilogy #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

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Livy notices him the moment he walks into the coffee shop. He’s heart-stoppingly stunning, with a blue-eyed gaze so piercing she’s almost too distracted to take his order. When he walks out the door, she thinks she’ll never see him again. Then she finds the note he left on his napkin . . . signed M.

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Review- Alluring Turmoil (Bayou Stix, #1) by Skye Turner

Alluring Turmoil (Bayou Stix, #1)


Alluring Turmoil by Skye Turner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Cover Synopsis

Alexia Sloane is the twenty-six year old owner of the highly successful Louisiana coffee shop/bakery, Java and Sweeties. The past couple of years have been all she’s dreamed of and her business takes all of her focus, all of her heart.

Jude Delecroix is the lead singer of one of the most famous rock bands in the country, Bayou Stix, and the man who broke Lexi’s heart.

Lexi and Jude have a past.

When Jude comes back to town eight years after leaving to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a famous musician and comes face to face with Lexi, forces collide, old hurts are brought to the surface, and life as these two have been living it will never be the same.

There are two sides to every story, and what happens when the things you believed to be concrete suddenly crumble like ash and fade away?

What happens when two people afraid to face the past, become involved in the present? Can they hope for a future?
Welcome to Louisiana where humidity and passion are high and things are not always what they seem.

Book cover Review


 photo Jude_zps7a6c1dcd.jpg


 photo Lexi_zps85ae37d9.jpg

I’m not sure why this book has so many low GoodReads reviews. I personally LOVED Jude and Lexi’s story. Hot Rockstar..HELLO what could go wrong here. Granted it did have some slow points but I found myself not being able to put this book down.

I’m kicking myself for not reading this sooner.

 photo tumblr_mgg0pnfere1rfgh2ao1_500_zps8f207c32.gif

I got the pleasure of meeting Skye Turner at a book signing and she was nice enough to give a little summary of this series. As soon as she mentioned hot rockstars I bumped this book higher on my TRL and I’m glad I did.

Lexi is the yin to my yang and I’ll be damned if she’s leaving me again. After that. No way, no how. She. Is. Mine.

Jude the lead singer for Bayou Stix who comes back home for a concert and to try get closer. Lexi the local popular co-owner of a coffee & bakery shop and the ex girlfriend of Jude who has never gotten over her break up with Jude.

Alluring Turmoil is a story of Lexi and Jude trying to get over how things ended 8 years ago when Bayou Stix got their big start. Will they reconcile or will their meeting cause more pain for the both.