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Review- Girl Next Door by MaXXX Cummings

Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door by MaXXX Cummings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Cover Synopsis
Dane and Nikki live next door to each other in a townhouse complex in Pensacola, Florida. Dane is a medically retired Navy SRT Special Operator enjoying his post-military career as an erotic fiction writer, inspired to write by the beauty of his 19-year-old next door neighbor he’s never even spoken to. Nikki is an artist who pays the bills by dancing at a local gentleman’s club until her art can get off the ground. Through a freak accident, one of their lives will depend on the other to escape certain death, but both will be changed forever.! Social barriers fall away, and one of them decides they can’t live without the other, but is the feeling mutual? Two hearts collide in this heartwarming tale of compassion, desire and…all out war!

Book cover Review

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Hot, hot, hot!! This was an amazing, HOT, intense quick read. Nikki the girl next door who reads erotic ebooks, Dane the ex navy SRT who writes erotic stories. Pick up this book to find out what happens when their world’s collide.